Wenger ups die-cuts with new Century 1050Q

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Wenger Cutting Formes has purchased a Century 1050Q die-cutter and stripping unit from Graffica, helping it speed up its die-cutting offerings and efficiently eliminate waste.

Wenger Cutting Forms' Dong Wenger (middle) with partners Ken (left) and Jack (right).
Wenger Cutting Forms' Dong Wenger (middle) with partners Ken (left) and Jack (right).

Neil Southerington, owner of Graffica, which supplies premium equipment and services to the packaging and point-of-sale industries, tells Print21 that the installation and training of the machine, which took four days to complete, finished up at the Sydney-based company in mid-June, with owner Dong Wenger impressed by its results.

"The first job during training required stripping, which was completed in one pass where previously it had been done by hand," explains Southerington, who has been doing business with Dong Wenger for many years.

"Dong, a small to medium printer, purchased his first machine from me when he first entered the market. At the time he didn't have a die-cutting or form making facility, and in time needed equipment to speed up the process," he says.

The main features of Century 1050Q die-cutter and stripping unit include:

  • High pile feeder and delivery
  • Pre-loader for feeder
  • Electronic pressure adjustment
  • Triple action stripping
  • Grip edge removal.

Southerington says that the Century 1050Q, which operates at 7000 sheets per hour, not only allows Wenger to die cut quickly, but with the addition of the stripping unit, helps to eliminate the waste that collects while the cutting blades rise and fall to create the cutouts, helping the machinery to work unimpeded.

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