Trimatt 1170 sales soar at PacPrint

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The Trimatt 1170 digital colour printer for sustainable paper and cardboard packaging has been a showstopper, with owner Matt Johnson confirming that a number of machines have already been sold, with PacPrint not quite over yet.

Show success: Trimatt's Matt and Josh Johnson with Mel Macfarlane.
Show success: Trimatt's Matt and Josh Johnson with Mel Macfarlane.

"I had a relatively high expectation coming into the show because we have more of a focus on the products, whereas at Auspack five weeks ago, we had a much broader suite of products and an extended focus," said Trimatt's Matt Johnson, proudly confirming that an order was received for the Trimatt 1170 on the first day on the show and that the model on display is in fact pre-sold.

"Later in the day, when I was packing up to go home, a punter walked past and showed an interest in the 1170. He was intending to fly home that night, but extended his stay until the next day. He gave me a purchase order at midday on Wednesday yesterday. And today we've received another purchase order. So a purchase order on every day isn't a bad start to the show!"

Unique to the Australian market, designed and manufactured in Melbourne, the Trimatt 1170 is a digital colour printer for sustainable paper and cardboard packaging. It provides an "all-purpose" solution with its integrated feeder, adjustable receiving tray and vacuum conveyor, and can print on flat or erected cartons and thick cardboard with "no problem" at heights of 100mm – perfect for food packs. Paper Bags with handles, boxes, C4 and padded envelopes, sealable lined pouches, fabric and serviettes are just a sampling of the possibilities.
The HP print engine produces "brilliant" colour using CMYK inks. Vibrant, waterproof, scratch resistant and light fast prints are produced "with ease" at speeds up to 27m per minute, jobs are set up "quickly" and photo quality results are produced from just four cents a print.

Johnson points out that he also has a customer in Perth who has just purchased the Trimatt 1170 and will probably have to buy a second one before the first one is delivered.

"This is so rewarding because we thought that we developed something that would be accepted really well from the market because of its versatility, and we've been recognised by just a flood of people of PacPrint.

"It is great to see that people acknowledge the value in our engineering capabilities – the machine's print engine with pigmented inks and its product handling ability is just tremendous."

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