PACPRINT VIDEO: Zünd, and PVC-free media

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Starleaton has a wide range of hardware and media on its booth, including the Zünd G3 automated cutting system, Canon print systems and Neschen eco-friendly PVC free media.

Precision cutting: Dale Hawkins with the Zund G3
Precision cutting: Dale Hawkins with the Zünd G3

The company is demonstrating cutting and routing on the Zünd cutting system, on a wide range of materials, including rolled material and rigid substrates, and showing visitors how Zünd’s advanced software systems can tie all production elements into a smart, automated print-and-cut workflow.

To create additional efficiencies in parts removal, job tracking, and even logistics, Zünd is also showing the Visualizing Option, another component of the Zünd Cut Center user interface and workflow software. Besides assisting the user during parts removal through projection, this option offers capabilities for labelling cut parts. Printed and affixed QR-Codes help streamline and facilitate logistics.

Zünd also offers the web-based monitoring and analytics software Zünd Connect. It captures performance and availability KPIs from cutters integrated in the Zünd production workflow and uses this data to calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency. Zünd says Connect uncovers productivity losses and provides key performance indicators that help users further optimise their digital cutting operations. 

All Neschen PVC free media is on show, including Easy Dot PP for waterbased printers, Easy Dot PP UV, Easy Dot PET L-UV, Wall Grip PP L-UV, Neschen Wallpaper L-UV Adhesive. The Neenah Coldenhove transfer paper for dye-sublimation transfer printing is also being highlighted.

The sustainable Easy Dot PP range includes graphics media, wallpapers, and laminates, and Easy Dot PET L-UV, a 75-micron polyester film manufactured from 25 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

With Easy Dot to Wall-Grip, from floor and window graphics to wallpapers and wallcoverings, protective laminates to mounting films, Starleaton says Neschen has a PVC-free option for “almost any interior or short-term exterior application”.

The company says it is easy to install and remove, and is suited for promotional graphics on windows, walls and floors.

The new Easy Dot PET L-UV is for latex and UV-Curable technology, Easy Dot PP matt WB is for water-based and HP Indigo printing, while Easy Dot PP matt UV is for UV-curable technology.

In addition, Starleaton is now supplying the latest Neschen Green Wall range of self-adhesive wall coverings.

Click on the video below to watch Dale Hawkins talk Print21 editor Wayne Robinson through the Zünd system and the workflow. 

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