PACPRINT VIDEO: Kodak features full portfolio

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Kodak is featuring its portfolio of digital, offset and software solutions at PacPrint, presenting innovative pre-press and digital print solutions “enabling printers to thrive in a changing market environment”.

Innovation: Rob Mollee, Kodak
Innovation: Rob Mollee, Kodak

Kodak is showing the Sonora Xtra, its “next-generation” process-free offset plate, which it says delivers a stronger image contrast, faster CTP imaging speeds, and improved handling robustness, plus sustainability and waste savings in pre-press and on-press. Some 5000 print businesses all over the world are already using Sonora Process Free Plates.

Rob Mollee, sales director for Kodak Australia, said, "More than 70 per cent of our print customers here are using process-free plates, which is giving them big savings. I would like that figure to get to 100 per cent.”

Kodak is also providing information about its high-speed inkjet presses, including the Prosper 6000 Press Platform, which it says provides dependable high print quality and productivity, and the new Prosper 7000 Turbo, which it says is the world’s fastest inkjet press, capable of pumping out a million A4 pages every three hours at 410 metres a minute.

The Kodak team is demonstrating the Prinergy Workflow pre-press automation software, which it says enables printers to increase productivity, cut turnaround times, and reduce costs. Kodak says with automation, support for offset, flexo, digital and gravure production, compatibility with virtually all third-party software and equipment, and connectivity with the broadest range of digital presses, Prinergy Workflow is for printing companies of any size, and is now available as a cloud-based, or as a managed service from Kodak.

Click on the video below to watch Rob Mollee talk to Print21 editor Wayne Robinson on the innovation that Kodak is delivering to the market.

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