PACPRINT VIDEO: Hilton Laminating the industry

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Hilton Laminating has a range of systems designed to enable print businesses to bring laminating in-house, for full control over the finishing process, reducing the overall costs, and time taken to complete client work.

James Beck of Hilton Laminating.
James Peck of Hilton Laminating.

It has the GMB laminating system, measuring 4.6 metres in length, and the company says this fully automatic laminating system is promoted on its ease of use, pallet-to-pallet system, its technologically advanced heating system, and its ability to run at 60 metres per minute.

Hilton is also showcasing the latest equipment from D&K Europe, with the Europa Flying Knife having the ability to cut through any laminate.

Also on show, the Neptune laminating system is a compact, high performance laminating system designed for in-house use, allowing the printer to have full control of their finishing needs. The Neptune comes with a foil rewinder for high speed, automatic foiling runs.

In addition to the laminating systems, Hilton is showing its range of Starglazers laminators, available in four varying sizes. The manual Starglazers with the foiling uptake rollers create short run foiling work.

Click on the video below to watch James Peck talk to Print21 deputy editor Colleen Bate about some of the tech on display.

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