Beyond Solutions buys Dimense print emboss

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WA-based Beyond Solutions has become the latest printer to invest in the Dimense one-pass print and emboss systems, and will use it to produce custom wall graphics.

New opportunities: Vincent Liem, (2ndright) with Abe Weiszberger (right) and the Dimense at PacPerint
New opportunities: Vincent Liem, (2nd right) with Abe Weiszberger (right) and the Dimense at PacPrint

Beyond sealed the deal for the Dimense with Stick on Signs following its showing at PacPrint. Vincent Liem, director at Beyond Solutions said he was attracted to the machine for its ability to produce in a single pass, textured wallpapers.

Liem said, “We always try to cover innovation options, and this is why we like the Dimense. It can create wallpaper like what was popular back in the olden days. A lot of people are using wall graphics these days so there is nothing new about that. We wanted something different and that is why we went with this. It is just so different to anything we have seen before."

Beyond Solutions has always been committed to outperforming its competitors with quality and long lasting products. It travels the globe to source the latest and greatest technology, however it didn’t have to travel far to see the Dimense S printer at PacPrint.

The Dimense prints and embosses in one pass, thanks to an inkjet engine and a calendar press in the same machine. It prints at 20sqm an hour on a 1.6m roll, with an emboss of up to 1.5mm. Abe Weiszberger, managing director of Stick on Signs said, “The pioneering technology of Dimense prints and embosses in a single step. That means structure and motif are perfectly matched."

Typical applications include home and office decor, point of sale and signage material. Finishing choices include matte, allowing use of the brightest colours, gold which Weiszberger describes as a "see it to believe it" media finish, pearlescent “to add the wow factor” to any print, chameleon for advertising, packaging, and interior decors, media plus for an enhanced embossing effect, up to 1.5mm, and silver for wherever a metallic finish is required.

Weiszberger says, “Most importantly, the Dimense System is totally green. The inks used are water-based latex, the process is PVC and plasticiser free, and all products and ingredients used in the process are non-toxic and certified harmless with the eco-Institut-Label in Europe."

According to Weiszberger anyone who can operate a simple wide format printer can operate the Dimense.

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