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Marketing guru Malcolm Auld has released his new book, Direct Mail, The Real Digital Disruptor, which he says will show the younger marketing professionals the unrivalled benefits of printed DM.

Digital disruptor: Malcolm Auld (left) with Print21 editor Wayne Robinson and the new book
Digital disruptor: Malcolm Auld (left) with Print21 editor Wayne Robinson and the new book
Image – Print21

Auld says direct mail remains the most effective form of marketing, he said, “100 per cent of postcards for instance are opened.” The new book is aimed at debunking the myths of digital comms, highlighting the proven benefits of printed DM, and encouraging younger marketers to use DM as part of their marketing strategy.

Auld says, “There is a whole generation who are coming out of college without being taught about direct mail, they are totally focused on digital. Yet David Ogilvy said direct mail was his first love and remains his secret weapon. The book will show marketing people how to use DM, and for print businesses will provide real insight to help them show their clients how effective DM can be.”

According to Auld, DM is the best channel there is, but went out of fashion, however he says it is ‘having a renaissance’ with a 40 per cent growth year on year. He said, “The response to DM is 1000 times more than online, and online costs are rocketing. You marry a postcard with a QR code and a landing page for instance, and the response rates are tremendous. The postcard creates the alert, the QR code takes you to the landing page, and there is order form.”

The book costs $54 plus delivery, and is available from with personalised cover as part of the deal. The 332pp + covers book is printed by Impressu, formerly IPG Marketing.

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